Data Warehousing And Dash-Boarding

Companies collect data from multiple sources – online or offline sources. Significant effort is spent in consolidating the data and running useful analytics to drive decision making insights. StrategyConnect proposes to unify all the data sources in one single source – warehouse or cloud servers – that becomes single source of data for any future analysis. Data dashboards built on top of the data reservoir completes the picture and eliminates the manual effort to bring out business KPIs to drive effective decision making.


1. Live data feeds from multiple sources such as ERP, GA, social media platforms, excel, etc.

2. Ready KPI dashboards to review business performance live basis

3. Fast turn-around enabled by experienced team

Why Data Warehousing And Dash-Boarding

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Effective Data Utilization and Transparency

  • Bring data to life with effective data analytics
  • Drive data discussions
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One Data Source

  • Create reports from one data repository
  • Eliminate doubts on data sanctity
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Data Backed Decision Making

  • Push functional owners via weekly/ daily KPIs monitoring
  • Be proactive than reactive on data analysis

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