Enterprise Sales

MENA market is complex and offer a unique set of customers to target. MENA market entry requires formal company set-up, and resource hiring – an expensive proposition without knowing the real demand of your product. StrategyConnect acts like your extended sales arm to explore potential leads by giving product demos. We are working with leading, well-funded tech start-ups to help them grow MENA business.


1. Local presence to push product sales.

2. Access to local network.

3. Ready sales team structure with limited investments

Why Enterprise Sales

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Test the market

  • Conduct product demo with potential customers
  • Identify market appetite and needs
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Higher ROI

  • Eliminate costs put in to register and higher high calibre talent early on
  • Generate revenues and use it to fund MENA market expansion
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Gather market intel

  • Gain sales cycle intel to fine tune product roadmap for MENA
  • Build realistic plan post gaining market dynamics

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