Consulting, PE and Venture Capital

Fields we specialize in for Consulting & Investment Firms

Financial Modeling

  • Projected Financial Statements
  • Strategic Scenarios
  • Sensitivity Analysis

Due Diligence

  • Market Potential
  • Target Due Diligence
  • Term Sheet & Valuation

Desktop Research Services

  • Data consolidation and Insights
  • Market Study
  • Benchmarking

Presentation and Slide Making Support

  • Slide creation
  • Adobe/ Photoshop Design
  • Microsites

Why Strategy Connect?

StrategyConnect marketplace hosts consultants and investment bankers with proven track record. Our curated talent understands the rigor and diligence required in serving demanding and high-burn projects with consulting and investment firms. We respect your deadlines, focus on delivering high quality output and be always on our toes to be your trusted partner.

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